How to Develop and Write an Effective Executive Summary

An government abstract summarizes your total marketing strategy in two or three pages. This is a tall order and might be very tough to accomplish. You need the abstract to be concise and temporary, but full, encompassing and inclusive. This article will present you ways to write an abstract that’s efficient, concise, but adequately covers your total plan. This article will even present an overview on the sections of a plan that are necessary to embrace in your government abstract and clarify completely different makes use of for an government abstract.


First, you have to full your marketing strategy earlier than writing your government abstract. Then pick the necessary sections of the plan to put within the abstract. Order the sections in a format that makes logical sense and define the necessary components of every part. With the define in hand, write your first draft government abstract. This first draft will usually be ten to twenty pages lengthy. Take the draft and condense it into 5 to seven pages in size. We will name this your lengthy model government abstract, which can be a mini-version of your marketing strategy. Working off the lengthy model, you’ll condense it into the ultimate two to three web page abstract, hitting on crucial points of your marketing strategy. It will take at the very least three renditions of rising, writing and condensing to develop an abstract. Later on this article I’ll clarify the completely different makes use of of the lengthy and brief variations of the abstract.


Here is a proposed fourteen part government abstract format to use. Amend it to your specific use.

  • Section One – Company Information
  • Section Two – Business Plan Purpose and Objectives
  • Section Three – Company Goals and Vision
  • Section Four – Company Mission Statement
  • Section Five – Company Description
  • Section Six – Company Purpose
  • Section Seven – Company Situation
  • Section Eight – Founders, Management and Principles' Capabilities
  • Section Nine – Products and Services
  • Section Ten – The Competition
  • Section Eleven – Keys to Success
  • Section Twelve – Finance
  • Section Thirteen – Growth and Expansion Goals
  • Section Fourteen – Return on Equity and Investment


The government abstract offers the person a fast overview of the necessary details contained in your marketing strategy. The lengthy model can be utilized as a normal doc, ie a mini marketing strategy, or to succinctly clarify your enterprise and generate curiosity in your alternative, merchandise and providers. The lengthy model abstract might be despatched to a investor or enterprise capital agency, accompanied by a enterprise and funding overview to generate and gauge preliminary curiosity. If the VC agency or investor signifies curiosity, you possibly can then ship your customized tailor-made, to their funding obligations and necessities, financing marketing strategy which accommodates the brief model abstract. Long and brief variations of your abstract can be utilized as a gross sales doc; to strategy new suppliers and prospects; or to accompany a mortgage package deal to a lender; to accompany your advertising and marketing plan or strategic plan. It is an preliminary stand-in to your marketing strategy. The government abstract isn’t just an overview, however a device to be used to accomplish your enterprise targets.

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