The Very Basic Steps of Making an Animation Movie

Animation is one of the fastest-changing and most rewarding platforms to showcase one’s creativity level. There are many professionals and upcoming animators who are work day and night to secure a position for themselves in the ever burgeoning market of cartoons and animations. Here, one can easily satiate his creative spirits by working for various TV programs, advertisements, commercials and computer games.

Early examples of animation work started appearing around 1910. At this time normal drawings were photographed one at a time to create a short animation clipping. Well, this traditional method was a very intensive and long drawn out process. Here hundreds of drawings were used for each minute of a short film. In recent times, it has been found that the animation industry is constantly evolving and creating easier and better ways to animate. Now it has become possible to make an animation movie sitting at home with the help of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork.

Here’s an outline to help you make your own animation movie:

-Before drawing anything, figure out the basic theme of your movie. Will it be a comedy or action packed? Imagine your characters and then develop a plot.

– Now create a storyboard. It is not necessary to have the drawings of your storyboard to be the perfect ones. Rough drawings will do at this stage.

– A neatly laid out script is a must to give life to the characters of your storyline. Hence first write a script. Make sure to include everything as every small detail counts. Give stress on dialogues.

– Now conceptualize and write in detail the profiles of the various characters. It will help you to develop the story further.

– With the script ready, you are ready to begin the real animation work. Decide the animation technique you want to use. You can choose between flipbooks and the traditional method. While flipbooks are cost effective, it has several drawbacks such as absence of sound facility and limited film length.

On the other hand, traditional animation is time consuming and costly but it guarantees great quality. Apart from these two options, you can always use animation software. The various animation software programs come with easy to understand interface, different menus, palettes and toolbars etc.

-Once you are finished with developing the movie, it’s time to edit it. Editing is very crucial to come up with quality product. All the minute errors can be mended at this stage.

-Show the final product to your family, friends, teachers or mentors and make note of their viewpoints regarding the movie. If they have any good suggestions regarding the movie which you find will make the animation film more entertaining and appealing do incorporate the ideas and make necessary changes.

-Now the animation movie is ready to be marketed. Well, for marketing you would need plenty of copies. The best way to do this is through CD/DVD replication or duplication. Both replication and duplication are reliable methods to copy your master disc into a number of copies. Depending upon how many copies you want to release in the market, you can choose between CD or DVD duplication or replication. Replication is usually the preferred method if you require more than 1000 units. There are many reputed companies providing CD/DVD duplication or DVD replication services.

– After the DVD replication or duplication job is over, think about the packaging part too. To make a positive impression amongst your buyers it is essential to package your product well. Some leading CD and DVD duplication and replication services providers also offer good quality on disc printing and CD packaging solutions.

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