The Three Main Stages of Video Production

The process in itself is tedious. Take in factors to consider, the pressure, and the money involved and it all will be rewarding in the end.

Video production will indeed be complex for the beginner. That can be a misconception if not given the proper guide. So here goes, the 3 EASY steps to producing your own video.

Do take note though that the stages put in action vary depends on the content of the film to be produced.


You have to prepare your ingredients before you can cook your meal. Same as video production, preparing and planning is essential.

This stage involves identifying your productions aims, style, and target audience. This is where the storyboard also is made for your client’s approval.

Your target audience must be well defined. Consider the fact that most videos with a distinct audience gets more approval on YouTube or the social media, for example.

Another thing, determine your budget. A good quality video with a decent budget is acceptable. So might as well spend some money if you’re up for the income.

Select your crew members, make-up artists, editors, equipments, etc. The success of your production is also credited to good crew members.


Let’s start shooting!

The actual production of the video starts after the planning and preparation. Shooting the video starts with the director and ends with the director. All angles will be shot by your cam depending on the storyboard being prepared.

This may take more time than the preparation itself. But then again, a good dish is not appreciated if not cooked well.


Editors says this is where the magic starts. Well, for special effects editors to be exact. But generally, all shots created in the production face are being selected, placed in order, and pieced together in a fine cut.

This is the stage as well where special effects editors and sound mixer editors adds the necessary animations, voice overs, color corrections, etc.

After all the detailed work and finishing touches, the final video will be then converted onto its desired format – which can be DVD, VHS, etc.

Altogether, the stages, if followed and analyzed well, will allow your video production to end perfectly. Well, if not perfectly, at least smoothly.

Ultimately, if you there are any aspects in the production you aren’t sure about, there are video production companies that offers budget-friendly professional services.

Source by Andrew L James

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