The Future of the Printed Carrier Bag


You would possibly by no means have thought of it however nearly each time you make a purchase order in a store or a retailer, you might be given a buying bag of some description.

Think about how many individuals globally purchase merchandise and what number of buying luggage have to be given away with each buy.

That equates to billions of printed luggage produced annually. What occurs with all of them as soon as the have been used?


Over 70% of luggage aren’t recycled, they find yourself in a landfill or turn out to be incinerated. A plastic one or a paper one with a plastic laminated can take a long time to degrade. Bio-degrable luggage use heaps of power to get produced after which simply…effectively…degrade. Its such a waste.

The solely luggage that may be 100% shortly and simply recycled are plastic luggage and paper luggage with no blended elements contained inside them.

Even then, the recycling of the provider bag is dependent upon whether or not the buyer decides to recycle the bag and the native council of Government has the infrastructure to gather and recycle every bag.


There is now pressures on manufacturers to contemplate the above throughout the design course of of their luggage. Where as earlier than they needed to design a bag merely manufactured and used. They should now take into account how the bag is disposed off and re-used or recycled.


This has meant that packaging designers have developed totally different methods that they assume are the greatest strategy to recycling a bag.

* Bags for Life – Rather than producing a bag that’s solely used a couple of times, use a bag that can be utilized for all times. The naivety right here is that most individuals do not need to use one thing for all times. They need new issues and for brand new statements to be made about them. Designing a cotton bag that final for many years doesn’t assist the atmosphere. It nonetheless makes use of up power and assets and may be very tough to recycle.

* Bags created from recycled supplies – Sounds incredible. The fact is that its not. If you do not know the unique supply of the materials that has been recycled you might be encouraging the destruction of rain forests in Asia and South America.

* Bio-Degrable bag – Producing one thing that disappears is handy for everybody however why use all that power creating one thing that has no re-usable power saved inside it.

THE SOLUTION FOR 2012 & 2013

Based on the place we (the U.Ok) is correct now the future for the printed provider bag will likely be divided between three merchandise:

* Paper provider luggage with twisted paper handles that use FSC accepted paper – These luggage are fast to supply, straightforward to recycle and look nice. Countries corresponding to Ireland require that retailers use solely this sort of bag which is a testomony to the luggage future.

* Handmade paper luggage – Luxury manufacturers want a product to set themselves other than odd manufacturers. Handmade paper luggage with paper based mostly laminations and FSC accepted paper can feel and appear premium and are sustainable.


There remains to be room for innovation for brand new supplies however like all industries, the packaging business should wait till a pattern turns into a crucial requirement earlier than it may make investments assets into growing materials that work commercially and environmentally.

Source by Tom R Bosanquet

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