Guide To Video Editing

Video editing used to be reserved to professionals. Now, YOU can edit your own videos, and on a small budget. And I'm going to guide you and tell you what you need.

Basically, the equipment you need is:

– a recent computer

– a camcorder

– video editing software

You can find a camcorder for any type of budget. We recommend getting a digital camcorder if you're a beginner. It will be much simpler. An analogue can be good too, but you will need a converter.

Most computers will work, but it has to be somewhat recent. A Pentium III 600 with 256 Megs of RAM would be the minimum, and we would recommend having more RAM than that. Your PC will have to contain a capture card so you can transfer your footage directly from your digital camcorder to your computer. Film takes a lot of space on the computer! Consider having at least 80 or 120 GB. If you do not, you can always get an external drive. Also you might want to have a good video card and sound card.

Now we get to the fun part: the video editing software. Adobe Premiere Elements is one of the most popular. But not necessarily the one you need. I have written different reviews on my film making website. Also, you might want to consider getting a guide on how to use the software if you want to avoid ending up using only the basic features of the software.

Now, get started, get creative, add all sorts of different special effects, arranging your footage into multiple sequences, creating transitions and adding a soundtrack. Anything is possible! Whether you are editing your family videos, or trying to make a short video clip to put online, professional software and equipment is available to you on all sorts of budgets.

Source by Sebastien Desria

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