DSLR Video Vs Camcorder Video – The Battle to the Top

The Battle of “DSLR Video vs Camcorder”

For about three years now, video amateurs and professionals throughout the world have heard about the rising star in the video enviornment, “DSLR Video.” This light-weight contender is a pictures primarily based digital camera that packs a punch in the ring in opposition to the older, heavier, and fewer common “Camcorder.” The Battle of “DSLR Video vs Camcorder,” is formally underway.

For nearly 30 years, since Sony’s BetaCam in 1982, tape-primarily based camcorders have dominated the video trade with their compact construct, mild weight, and most of all, their ease of use. All you had to do was push a pink button and level the lens at what you wished to document. There was not a necessity for movie canisters or projectors. Literally anybody may movie something they wished and watch it immediately.

High Definition?

Over the previous a number of years, many camcorder corporations have tried to make it even simpler by utilizing digital gadgets to document video, reminiscent of reminiscence playing cards and onerous drives, which you simply stick in any pc to watch immediately. With the shift to digital video got here the shift to excessive definition (HD) video. More and extra digital camera corporations have been popping out with so referred to as HD recording, however most of them didn’t document full HD at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (1080p). Also, many camcorders recorded on a format that may’t be edited as a uncooked file, reminiscent of AVCHD, which implies that there’s large high quality loss, diminishing the incontrovertible fact that the video was recorded in HD in the first place. In the Battle of “DSLR Video vs Camcorder,” this might imply that “Camcorder” ought to simply throw in the towel.

The Birth of a Champion

In September of 2008, Canon introduced the launch of its 5D Mark II, the first DSLR digital camera to unfold the reputation of utilizing DSLR for HD video. A 12 months later, on September 1, 2009, Canon got here out with the cheaper, however equally highly effective, EOS 7D. Although the 7D just isn’t full body like the 5D, the 7D was made with video performance in thoughts, making it extra appropriate for video shooters. It has a chosen button to change from nonetheless image mode to video mode and it’s made with a magnesium alloy case, which is extra sturdy.

“DSLR Video vs Camcorder” | DSLR Takes the Lead

Since the launch of the Canon EOS 7D in 2009, a number of video digital camera gear producers have began making equipment particularly for taking pictures video with the 7D and 5D Mark II. With the potential to change lenses, body charges, and have a guide shutter, it grew to become apparent that with the correct equipment, these DSLR cameras would start to dominate the video trade. You can now purchase shoulder mount rigs and dolly set-ups together with matte-packing containers and comply with focus units which are all particularly designed for video. For the high quality of video that these cameras produce, camcorders pose no menace to the rising use of DSLR cameras for video.

I nearly forgot to point out full DSLR video set with lenses and essential equipment may be purchased for lower than most HD video camcorders which are presently on the market. For below $three,500, you might personal a digital camera set-up that’s worthy of filming function movies or award successful documentaries.

The Battle is Won!

In the battle of “DSLR Video vs Camcorder,” DSLR video has received and I do not count on to see a re-match.

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