Business Video – The Basics 1: What Does Video Production Cost?

In today's online world, video is considered the most effective social media tactic, as it is the most effective way to display a strong message on a website. Current research shows that simply having video on your website automatically gives your page more relevancy towards Google searches.

Through our many years of experience as a video production company, we've realized that a large amount of businesses are interested in using video, but do not know where to get started and more than likely feel that it is too expensive to have a professional video made.

With this and other articles titled "The Basics" we are going to talk about the process itself, and what effects the overall cost of a production.

Today's proliferation of decent quality low-cost cameras, recording equipment, and editing software has put video production within reach of practically anyone, but it takes more than good equipment to create engaging video. It requires hard earned experience, technical expertise, and talent. In addition, the cameras, microphones, lights and software used by video "professionals" produce much better images and sound. And because video is a complex process of shooting, directing, recording, lighting and editing, it often takes a team of specialists to truly create a great video production.

Depending on the scope of your project and your team of specialists' budget, a professional video project can require as few as one or two people (typically a videographer and an editor – sometimes one doing both) or a whole team of specialists and assistants.

Therefore, the overall cost of video production is determined by three main factors:

1. Time: The more elaborate a business needs their video to be, the more time is required. High quality video productions will take much more time and effort put into the "Three Phases of Video Production", which generally consist of the planning, shooting, and editing of the video. Someone sitting and talking into a camera is much less elaborate and technical than shooting in multiple locations with multiple cameras and lighting setups. Editing a simple or more basic video takes much less time than a video consistent of elaborate animations, graphics, voice-overs, music creation, and other enhancements.

2. Talent : A more talented and experienced video production company will always produce a better product. One should always take a look at a production company's track record, including what other companies have worked for and customer reviews and testimonials. It's like choosing a doctor where you want the best for the job and better talent usually costs more than someone just starting out.

3. Tools: Most people have all the tools that need to produce a simple video on their smart phone, but in the end "you get what you pay for" . Professional-level cameras, lighting kits and post-production editing software (and the people who know how to use them to tell your story effectively) add to the cost and value of your video.

In the next article of "The Basics" series, we'll discuss "Levels of Video Production" from amateur to Hollywood with reference costs.

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