Article Marketing And Independent Film Advertising

For independent film makers and film festivals marketing will always be a struggle, as underdogs with very little money they must do more then simply get the word out they must engage and convince people to come see their films. This difficult task must be done with a budget that is much lower then that of their competitors in Hollywood. Succeeding for the independent film companies then requires hard work and innovation that Hollywood companies rarely have. For this reason article marketing is an important part of successful indie film marketing as it offers a unique opportunity for indie move marketers to reach out to audiences.

Successful article marketing is about more then simply writing about independent film making, although this does have some value such articles face a lot of competition in searches run on Google and Yahoo. Article marketing should begin with an analysis of potential keywords, find ideas related to your film that people are searching for on the internet, but which they are not finding solid information on. Be creative in thinking about what topics you look for. If your movie is playing in a city include film and arts related topics in that city. Local search is not as competitive so it's often wide open for use. Articles I have written on performing arts in a city helped to increase the number of people who knew about the local children's theater. Articles on business in a small city which I am close to increased the number of contacts I had with people from that city.

This same tactic could increase the number of people who know about and are interested in your Indie film. Independent movies after all can only be shown in a few towns at a time, and during this time you need to make sure that anyone searching on the internet for arts and things to do in that town will find your film. Be forewarned however Article marketing is not a press release, it is about providing information, and so successful article marketing should include a history of film in the town, a history of arts, current arts related events, etc. By providing real information to people you position yourself as an authority who own artistic attempts are that much more worth seeing. More then this however you increase the importance of your article and then the likelihood that people will find it as they browse the web.

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