Acupuncture Principles & Proper Electrode Placement On Tens & Interferential Pain Machines

Effective ache reduction utilizing a tens or an interferential unit solely occurs when the electrodes are positioned to inundate the painful space with a nice, tingling, massaging sort stimulus. The stimulus is creating nerve firings of NON PAIN FIBERS, sensory fibers, which makes these sensory nerves overpower the PAIN NERVES ( C-FIBERS), that are transmitting the ache stimulus. There is not any magic, it is merely a technique of understanding what’s the function of inserting the tens electrodes, usually self adhering reusable electrodes, within the correct place.

Unlike acupuncture the place the needle may be very small, a tens or interferential electrode has a a lot bigger stimulation space and specificity of placement isn’t as important. Needles in acupuncture typically are meant to interrupt power ache path, whereas electrical stimulation is meant to be offensive and invade the realm thusly interrupting and altering power. The floor of an electrode could also be 2 inch x 2 inch or four sq. inches of floor space per electrode equaling a complete of eight sq. inches, the place the acupuncture needles floor is that of the needle itself instances the depth the needle is inserted.

Acupuncture is a technique of discovering and insertion into an space a needle(s) whereas electrical stimulation (e-stim) is a technique of hovering over and transmitting electrical power in an space. Interferential has a a lot larger frequency ( rate-how many instances machine goes on and off per second). The larger the speed, the much less the resistance is, and the larger the penetration of stimulus. Acupuncture needles need to be inserted previous the purpose of most resistance ( pores and skin or scar tissue ) to get into the realm power to interrupt the circulation.

The dispersion of the power with estim and reusable electrodes covers a a lot bigger space and will increase the possibilities of ache stimulus interruption.

Electrode placement is solely about passing electrical energy between two or 4 electrodes via the painful space. As the ache strikes, which is quite common for power ache circumstances reminiscent of osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, RSD, again ache, radiating sciatica, foot ache, knee ache, joint ache, shoulder ache, RLS -Restless Leg Syndrome, and so forth., then the electrodes may be repositioned to cross the stimulus via the ache space(s).

Electrodes are available in many various styles and sizes, from butterfly to oval to rectangular to round and plenty of extra. The measurement of the electrode chosen is completed to cowl the realm being handled. If the ache emanates within the backbone and the painful space is 6 inches or so lengthy then typically a 1″ x 6″ electrode will probably be used, or an Oval electrode, and staggered placement, so the 6 inches per electrode of stimulation floor space (SSA) may be positioned to completely stimulate the painful backbone space. If the affected person has knee ache then a smaller 2″ Round electrode could also be used to cowl the popliteal area behind the knee, which is far smaller, however the stimulation will cowl the knee ache space.

Often the 2 electrodes per channel may be of differing form and measurement relying on the severity of the ache in a selected space. This course of permits stimulus to be focused by depth, particularly when utilizing interferential remedy. Interferential remedy requires bigger electrodes due to what’s referred to as “present density”.

Current density is comparable to 1 standing in a bathe that delivers 10 gallons per minute of water via just one small gap. If the affected person is standing just a few ft away below that bathe head then the one stream of water could be uncomfortable because of the strain behind the circulation. Showering could be a painful course of. That is overcome, by reasonably than one small gap add 100 extra to the bathe head, and now the feeling of showering is comfy and doable with out ache. With interferential the identical rules apply to electrodes. Electrodes bigger than typical tens electrodes are used to scale back the present density by rising the stimulation floor space.

With interferential remedy, because of the eight,000+ price, electrodes used are usually bigger than a typical tens electrode of two” x 2″. Since there’s appreciable extra power then the dispersement space must be larger than four sq. inches. Interferential remedy additionally prolongs the lifetime of electrodes as a result of, not like tens remedy, the temporary 20 – 45 minute interferential therapies produce carryover ache reduction, and don’t require an electrode to be worn repeatedly. Fewer electrodes are wanted for interferential due to this fact additionally much less price.

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