Strongman Solution Selling Model

Solution promoting is complicated and really thrilling. Whether you are promoting Business Process Automation (BPA) or one other type of resolution, it’s probably that you’ve a tricky job that entails an excessive amount of complexity.

This stuff’s chess; it ain’t checkers.

There could also be dozens of choice makers, and whereas all of them might not be required to say “Yes,” chances are high that ANY of them might say “No.” You may very well be confronted with all types of competing initiatives throughout the enterprise, and political and monetary landscapes can change shortly.

STRONGMAN provides a compelling mannequin and easy acronym that can assist you achieve your resolution promoting.

I will spell it out after which very briefly communicate to every key space.


S is for Solution

T is for Timeline

R is for Review

O is for Options

N is for Need

G is for Galvanization

M is for Money

A is for Authority

N is for Negotiation

These are essential areas to handle in your gross sales cycle.

S, Solution.

Whether or not the prospect absolutely agrees on the onset of the engagement, it’s essential be sober in your evaluation of whether or not or not you may have a bona fide, reputable resolution for them. Otherwise, why trouble?

T, Timeline.

If the shopper has a reputable challenge that you’re promoting to, what’s the actual timeline? The implementation timeline? Is there a compelling occasion or deadline driving this challenge?

R, Review.

Forget about entertaining and servicing a prospect that isn’t really in evaluate of the challenge. If they’re merely in analysis mode (vs. evaluate mode), I might counsel that you just steadiness this challenge with extra advanced-stage alternatives in your pipeline to extend your gross sales success.

O, Options.

What choices exist to your buyer? Chances are there are no less than 5 choices:

1. Your resolution

2. Your competitor(s’) resolution,

three. Build it themselves or develop it in-house

four. Do Nothing

5. Improve or improve their current course of (maybe by including sources or conducting coaching). You want to have the ability to promote towards their accessible choices, particularly the choice that the majority firms select — which is “improve or upgrade existing processes.”

N, Need.

Is there a necessity, do you perceive the necessity and does the shopper agree with you on what their want is?

G. Galvanization.

This is my favourite one. Remember, you aren’t in gross sales to entertain and serve — not fully anyway. If you might be working with prospects who should not returning your calls promptly, not bringing different key contacts into conferences, not exposing you to post-purchase processes or show different key indicators that they don’t seem to be as lively and dedicated to the gross sales course of as you might be, you must both achieve their dedication or transfer on.

M, Money.

If there’s a challenge in movement, is the funding of the challenge pre-approved? Does that funding meet your resolution’s price and the entire associated prices — such because the workers the prospect might want to commit to deploying your resolution? Are you certain of the fiscal cycles? Is the funding coming from sources reminiscent of:

1. Project Budget,

2. Cap Ex (Capital Expense requiring a excessive degree log out),

three. Op Ex (Operating Expense)

four. Departmental Budget

And take note, most firms have the power to overspend on budgets, or borrow from different budgets, at about the identical fee my spouse does — which implies they’ll do it — so do not ever let a negotiator whittle you down solely due to a particular funds.

A, Authority.

A Champion is one factor, an Authority is one other. Is the senior govt even conscious of the challenge? Who is the particular authority relative to: signing contracts, producing buy orders, reviewing authorized paperwork, growing and implementing coaching packages, technical evaluate and implementations, consumer acceptance, and so forth? If you might be promoting options, you had higher be uncovered to quite a lot of people with reputable authority over every one.

N, Negotiation.

Many occasions the actual promoting would not begin till it’s time to negotiate. But you wish to hear the saddest piece on resolution promoting: The negotiation course of is often when the gross sales rep provides up probably the most concessions and it’s also the purpose at which, most often, the shopper has already made the choice to go ahead. They’re exposing the gross sales rep to sources which might be post-purchase sources (reminiscent of authorized, technical deployment of us, coaching of us, buying folks) and one way or the other the gross sales rep feels obliged to start out whacking away on their very own proposal. It’s madness.

That’s STRONGMAN. I’ve used it for nearly ten years in my very own enterprise and as a software for enhanced empowered gross sales coaching. I hope you discover it an efficient mannequin to your resolution promoting success.

Source by Kevin E Graham

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